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Wholesale supply

GSM provides a wide range of industrial supplies used by utilities both in day-to-day operations and capital projects.  If price is your focus, we work with both national and local vendors to insure the best price. For short lead-time requirements, GSM will locate a supplier close to your facility. Our goal is to provide the best service in the industry.


GSM can provide building supplies, industrial supplies, safety/PPE, and tools.

Repair/ calibration 

GSM can provide tool and instrument repair and calibration management services.
GSM is project manager for tool management program developed with Laclede Gas. Used tools are collected and sent out for evaluation and repair, if appropriate. We have a similar program to re-calibrate field test instruments.

outage management

Today, with the increasing requirements on utilities to track and report outages accurately, outage management systems (OMS) are a critical analysis tool.


Functions of the OMS may include accurate time stamping of outages and restoration by customer, crew tracking, predicting of outage causes, generating information of interest to customers, and creating call-back lists and reports for management and regulatory reasons.

EM&V Support services

GSM's EM&V service has many objectives, including verifying program and portfolio energy savings, estimating energy savings, and identifying ways to improve program delivery and results. Our EM&V program guides a client company's administrators and policy makers towards their goals, helping them

 better understand the extent to which program activities are successfully. We address market barriers to the adoption of energy efficiency measures.

Support writing of energy procurement plans

For businesses, the way utilities are handled will inevitably influence how much money is spent and how much energy is saved, which both can drastically change the fiscal perspective. Therefore, to understand the best contracting options, our energy supply professionals will do a detailed energy data analysis to assist in the writing of energy procurement plans. Once we know how you are using energy, we carefully consider your energy purchasing goals, energy suppliers, regulated utilities and wholesale energy prices.

energy efficiency and weatherization auditing

GSM provides inspections to help companies improve comfort, costs, and environmental friendliness.

Our energy auditor will come to assess your company's energy use and loss. There will also be inspection for health and safety issues. The Weatherization Program begins with an audit of the company to check for energy efficiency, as well as health and safety concerns. The program then provides recommended improvements to increase the energy efficiency and safety of the company.


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